17 August 2011

New children in the family

New children are coming into our Maranatha Home in Nepal. Each one has a special story, usually a very sad story of circumstances that brought him to us. Each one is a precious, unique creation of God who will probably be with us-- like family-- for a long,long time. Allow will be part of their lives and they a part of ours.. In many ways, it is like adding a new baby to the family, which is something that is on my mind, since I am expecting two new grandchildren very soon. We do not know who they are yet-- what their personality is like, or what direction they will choose in life. Like grandchildren, someone else will be giving most of their care and parenting, making most of the decisions concerning them. But also like grandchildren, I know that these new ones will find a very special place in my heart. I am looking forward to watching them grow up into godly men and women and excited about what the Lord will do with their lives.

06 August 2011

Orphan facing abandonment....

The reason why we, Allow The Children, does what we do is to honor and glorify the Lord. Whatever way it pleases Him to use us is what we want to do. Our purpose is NOT to rescue, feed, clothe, educate helpless and hopeless children, except that He gives us that assignment. Below is a letter I received from one of our partners in July 2011. He is asking me, if we can take the child into one of our children's homes which is under his leadership. Why is he even asking? you might think. Would Allow ever consider denying such a request? He is asking, because I need to confirm that we are able to provide support for a new child. My answer MUST be based on the sponsorship stability of the specific home and how many other new children we have received in recent days. This little boy is coming into our program, in fact, is probably already in the home by the time anyone reads this post. He has already heard of the Savior by now and continues to hear every morning and every evening, as the children gather for worship. Being the answer for children like this, is a very, very special piece of His work that the Lord allows us to do. This boy does not have a sponsor (at the time of this writing) but he will eat and sleep, receive clothing, medical care and be enrolled in school. Every sponsor who supports a child in this home is part of the reason why I could say YES, for this child. Didi (Elder Sister), There is a family and they took in an orphan boy but now both of them want to give that boy to our children home. He is Chakma tribe and 6 years old. They are also very poor family. I ask why they like to give that boy to our home? Answer is -- They both parents need to work for survival. They don't have enough to fulfil the needs for family. There is nobody take care of that boy. What do you think this situation? What is your comments. Can we take this boy?

05 August 2011

Allow The Children in August

August 2011 has only just come, but I know (because all of the other months are the same) it will be gone very quickly. We have just sent out the annual updates to sponsors and now turn our attention towards preparation for the RACE DAY-- August 27- a project that will hopefully bring some funding for our projects and awareness in general for our work. The next trip for me (Sue) launches 24 September. We need to have letters for children in Bangladesh and Nepal ready for that departure. During this time, I will be visiting all of our ministries in Bangladesh and Nepal, doing necessary tasks for managing the sponsorship, teaching, meeting with the leaders of each area and ending with medical clinics in the last week of October through the first week of November. We are still waiting for Govinda's visa approval and hope to bring him in to work with us. And-- we are forming a building team in January for a project in Nepal to build a village church. Dates for the Guatemala trip have not been firmly set yet, but we WILL be taking a group to Guatemala in June 2012, possibly two groups next year, if interest continues to grow.

Chiquimula Advance

Village Evangelism is not new to Allow The Children. We help children and churches through sponsorship and projects in five different areas of Nepal and several parts of Bangladesh. During the last few trips to Central America. we have had the opportunity to work with one small church in the village of Chiquimula, Guatemala. We have painted the church, finished off the basement for the pastor to live, supplied Bibles and musical instruments, speakers for the Sunday morning preaching. This time, we planned a VBS type of teaching program for the children. Games and music and Bible lessons in Spanish were used to draw children and present God's Word to them. Please pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in each little heart now that the project is passed.