22 May 2015

Church Planting in Bangladesh

We had a special blessing a few days ago, when we received the photos of this church dedication in the mountains of  Bangladesh.  It is hard to describe the significance of this.  The church is made of of mostly newly baptized (older) kids in our children's Home and it is built on the land purchased for the home.  It is a light in a very, very dark place.  It is a place so far up, that though Bangladesh is said to be 98% Muslim, the Muslims  do not have a foothold here YET. These are tribal people who probably never hear the  Name of Jesus, either. Our children are learning.  They are getting an education and also a good foundation in  God's  Word.  Our girls are already past an educational level that few women have obtained in this place. When we launch these kids they will be leaders among their people. Leaders prepared to reach others as no American ever could-- even more than a city Bangla missionary could do.  They are tribal people. Some of them will fall away, just as happens in our US churches.  But SOME of them, will be strong, growing believers and they will BE this church.  They already ARE the church.  Praise the Lord.  Now another special blessing.  This church building is not completed. It still needs the tin for the roof, a toilet, and some other construction things. It also needs overhead fans, musical instruments,....   A pledge came today from a donor who will provide  EVERYTHING still needed for this church.  He will also fund the dorm building needed  to separate boys and girls and enable us to increase the number of kids  in the home.  This is a huge WOW.